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Friday, September 26, 2008

First Venture - in Kody's Words

Forrest Gump's mom famously said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"....

As we draw curtains on the historic and emotional-Land Sharks project, just thought that it wouldnt be such a bad idea to travel back memory lane...and so, here's this message !

An hour after registering the property in the buyer's name and driving back home with a bag full of cash, and yet, it still hasnt sunk in - that we've successfully closed out our first venture, and whats more, made money out of it too ! As the three of us - me, lamba and
papa felt a sense of victory, a feeling that perhaps Sachin had when he scored his first run in international cricket, it was, in our own small way - "a history being created". Yes, it was a feeling of - "We have arrived...and how !"

This is a real sweet victory and what makes this victory sweeter is the journey itself. I vividly remember when the architect of this project - lamba, discussed the exciting investment opportunities in Kerala realty around Aug/Sept 06, and it wasnt long before we took a plunge into the hot and volatile realty space. A-Smooth-Ride is the last thing that strikes us when we look back at those 20 eventful months. It pretty much has been a mixed bag. Executing a plan so quickly gave us tremendous joy in November, and ensuring we raised sufficient funds to register the property in our name gave us an equal amount of anxiety in the following January. To top it, the way we've managed to share the EMI burden despite all of us going through a cash crunch just cannot be forgotten. Who can forget Papa signing the POA at the Tuticorin Airport and getting it dispatched to Lamba in double quick time !

And boy, did we celebrate the culmination in style ! The only way that the final celebration could have been better was the presence of kaku, mythri,
papa, shweta and shravani. Folks, we really missed you guys that night !!

Through all this, we stood by each other, weathered many a problem, and our bond only grew stronger with each passing day. Am I going overboard with all this ? Perhaps, not ! The underlying idea is - when, after 3 decades, on a rainy evening, sipping a cuppa' tea, we turn back time, this sweet albeit small experience doesnt get lost in the dust, but brings a smile on our faces. This is a tribute to our resolve and the spirit of partnership !

We rock !

Cheers !

P.S - Did not have Kamya bhabhiji's ID...Dangy, could you pl. forward it to her !

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