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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Visit to Sydney

Dear Dilip Mama, Sau. Shama Mami & Dr. Preeti,
It was a wonderful trip to Aussieland and we enjoyed our stay at 13, Gunner’s Mews. Duration of 12 days was felt less than a couple of days. The efforts and trouble taken by all of you and especially by Shama Mami made us feel emotional. Dr. Preeti needs a special mention as she always found time despite her busy schedule. Dilip Mama – we definitely understand the pain that you have taken not only for taking us to Jenolan Caves and Canberra (Hope Helen Aunty will forgive me and / or us?) but also otherwise. We wish to extend our gratitude towards all of you.
With some image of Australia in mind, we landed up in Sydney and in next a couple of weeks, found the place much identical to our perception. Our ride started with beautiful site of Stanvel Park where dark deep blue water welcome us with gusty winds. Taking the excuse of breeze around, Shweta escaped from paragliding.
Opera House is equally graceful in day and night. No wonder a unique design with beautiful marble structure attracts everyone’s attention. A visit to this wonder by a boat has only added to our thrill and ecstasy. Some one has rightly said that "The sun did not know how beautiful its light was until it was reflected off this building".
The Harbour Bridge commanding his regime over the sea was simply stupendious. It was an experience conquering the world’s the largest steel arch bridge. It was amazing to see summit of “The Coathanger” weighing 39,000MT is around 440’ above sea.
City Tower – AMP Tower was another big attraction. The tower having stern vision across Sydney further adds to city’s glamour. Experience of Aussie trek was simply marvelous.
Visit to Manly, Toronga Zoo, Parliament House at Canberraand such so many places are worth describing. But visiting and experiencing, is a better choice than reading about it. May be, I shall write about them later on.
Regards – Nikhil, Shweta and Little Shravani