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Friday, August 06, 2010

After long long times ........

Writing on the blog indeed after a long time. Lot of water has flown under the bridge since I wrote the last here. Convenient excuse could be that finding time to write was difficult. However the fact remains that with an advent and increasing popularity of social websites like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter etc. one liners messages become convenient for both the sender and the receiver.

After the economical meltdown in Aug'08 / Sep'08, lot of discussion of recession & deep recession and its effects took place within peers and pals. Work kept busy for a long hrs at times and pressure to perform as usual is always there. Amidst all the gloomy atmosphere in and around industry, news of job cuts in various sectors and my findings in trip to South East Asia in Feb'2008 that almost every industry (related to my business) has reduced the output by almost 50%, Shweta gave me the best of the gifts in life. My another little angel SHREEYA. She was born on the day of Dhanatrayodashi, 15th Oct'09 and hence named Shreeya (meaning Lakshmi).

We have shifted to our new house in Kandiwali. Shravani call it 1201. (flat # is 1201) Within a month' s time, I got transferred to Fujairah, UAE from the lovely place of Mumbai. A totlaly new place for me and hence lot many things to learn and experience. Mercury competes with speed of metro and ruthlessly touches 50 Deg C as per its whims and fancy. The culture, the place, custom and traditions and ofcourse the efforts gone in to make the place business hub of middle east - so many things to explore. Just trying to settle down here. Met new people, new environment and completely different working style than what I was used to it since last seven years, especially last three years. Now - Shweta, Shravani and Shreeya are going to be here with me in Aug'10. Had a difficult time to stay without them. Realiased that the Net-chat / Telecon can not be a substitute for face to face interaction. Looking forward to have good times with them ahead. Our trip to England is due for long and I hope to conclude something of it very soon.

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